Our Care Philosophy

The most effective method of diagnosis and treatment requires a problem-solving and patient-centered approach to care.

From the day our practice first opened its doors in August 1998, Dr. Kahn has maintained his commitment to the concept of “quality over quantity,” thus ensuring that you will always meet face to face with Dr. Kahn himself for each and every visit.

With one office location, and our advanced technological capabilities, which allow us to provide comprehensive diagnostic testing and treatment onsite, we can schedule consultations, office visits, and procedures in a timely manner to ensure short waiting times for appointments, and quicker relief of your symptoms.

Our problem-solving approach to care means that you will be seen by Dr. Kahn himself at each and every visit, and it is Dr. Kahn himself who reviews your medical records, listens to your symptoms, performs your examination, formulates an initial diagnosis, and determines your ongoing medical needs, whether diagnostic or therapeutic.

This patient-centered approach to care, in which we take the time to determine the specific needs of the individual patient, unlike those “assembly line” practices, avoids the need for repeated or unnecessary tests or treatments. It is both a cost effective and clinically appropriate approach, supported by those insurance carriers who track our utilization of tests and procedures and consistently give us high ratings, allowing us in many cases to skip the need for prior authorization, while permitting us to provide more timely care.

Dr. Kahn has been called “the specialist’s specialist” by his colleagues, and has been honored to treat many local medical providers and their family members. He has also trained many of the medical providers in the area, so why see the student when you can be seen by “the teacher”!

We welcome the opportunity to show you why no pain is your gain!