For Referring Providers


Our goal is to make the referral process both simple and efficient for both our referring providers and our own staff. The less time spent on the phone and opening mail allows each of our practices to devote more time to other critical office tasks.

Our office is fully paperless, which allows us to process referrals and schedule patients electronically, through the use of network PC based fax and email.

Please follow the steps below and contact us directly by phone if there are any special concerns or other issues.

Here is what you need to know

Step One

Our staff processes referrals and phone contacts from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday, except from 12 PM to 1 PM daily, when we are closed for lunch.

♥ We prefer to receive referrals via fax at (315) 234-9680

If all of our phone lines are busy, and you are prompted to leave a voice mail message, please be assured that your message will be responded to that day, usually within one (1) hour, or immediately after the lunch break.

Step Two

While we participate in most major insurance plans, including Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, and No Fault, we do not participate in Medicaid (as primary or secondary insurance), Fidelis Care, Emblem Health, or other managed public benefit programs. Please check with the insurance plan directly to determine if we are a participating provider.

Please note that Dr. Kahn is a specialist, and you may need to obtain prior approval for a specialist referral as is required by certain insurance plans.

For Workers’ Compensation, you do not need to obtain prior authorization for a consultation visit, but you will need to obtain a prior authorization for electrodiagnostic testing (EMG/NCS), since many employers and carriers are now enrolled in diagnostic testing networks. Please call the claims adjustor directly, and then file WCB Form MG-2 with claims adjustor, and request both verbally and in writing authorization for “EMG/NCS to be performed by Dr. Jeffrey Kahn only at usual and customary fee schedule rate”. Please do not specify left or right arm or leg, as this limits the scope of the testing and prevents comparison to the unaffected limb, if medically necessary.

For No Fault, you do not need to obtain prior authorization for a consultation visit, but you will need to contact the claims adjustor to determine whether the claim is still open for medical treatment, and which body part(s) are covered for treatment.

Step 3

Once any insurance prior approvals and/or specialist referrals have been processed, please send the information listed below to our office via fax or email. If we do not receive all the necessary information, we will contact you to obtain any missing information, which may delay scheduling the patient’s appointment.

  • Demographic face sheet, including patient contact information
  • Photocopy of insurance card (front and back)
  • Specialist referral prior approval number (if applicable)
  • WC CLAIMS: WCB #, Case #, Date of Injury, Body Part(s), Carrier Name, Claims Adjustor Contact Info (Name, Phone, Fax, Email)
  • NF CLAIMS: Claim #, Date of Accident, Body Part(s), Carrier Name, Claims Adjustor Contact Info (Name, Phone, Fax, Email)
  • WCB Form MG-2, with EMG/NCS request marked Granted (if applicable)
  • Office notes specific to the referring condition
  • Consultation notes, procedure notes, and operative reports from other providers
  • Diagnostic studies (MRI, CT, X-ray, EMG/NCS)

Step 4

Once the referral information is received and processed, we will contact the patient directly to schedule the date and time of the appointment. This allows us to provide any special pre-visit instructions directly to the patient and is more efficient for our staff.

Please feel free to direct your patients to our website Help Desk page or Facebook at Dr. Jeffrey Kahn in advance of their visit to learn how to prepare for their visit and more about our practice.