Comprehensive Non-Surgical Treatment of Knee Pain

Our practice offers comprehensive non-surgical treatment of knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Additionally, many patients with knee pain may experience worsening knee discomfort due to associated hip, ankle, foot, or sacroiliac joint disorders which have not yet been diagnosed or treated, and our comprehensive evaluation of your knee includes an assessment of all of these joints.

Dr. Kahn can perform a diagnostic ultrasound examination of your knee, which unlike x-rays uses no radiation, and which can show whether or not there is osteoarthritis, meniscal damage, tendon injuries, bursitis, or even joint effusion, also known as “water on the knee”.

With this information, Dr. Kahn can then best determine the type of treatment for you, which may include oral medications, drainage of fluid from the knee joint, various types of injections, or even surgery if indicated.

While traditionally patients may have their knees injected with corticosteroids to treat pain and swelling, our practice goes further, and we offer both viscosupplementation or artificial joint fluid injections and amnion-derived allograft injections, also known as a regenerative medicine treatment.

In combination with a program of physical therapy and weight loss if indicated, we work with you to improve your mobility and quality of life.